Taylor Goyette is an American singer-songwriter of the rare tradition who distills what he sees in the world around him through a filter that’s poetic but not exclusive, then wraps those words in sneaky infectious melodies, and sings them with the conviction of someone who is telling the truth.

The only thing more convincing than hearing it on record is going straight to the source for one of his relentlessly high-energy performances -Thanks in no small part to his perennial and most aptly-named backing band,    The HARDWORK.


With influences ranging from Springsteen to The Eagles, to Elvis, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and so many more, Taylor Goyette draws from a deep and storied musical well – without shying away from incorporating modern sounds and experience into his music any more than his paradigm-shifting musical heroes did in their own eras – fusing Rock’n’Roll, Blues, Funk, Soul, and the occasional driftwood bonfire singalong into something at once instantly classic and fresh.

Rhode Island born, Florida raised, and now living in Nashville, Taylor covers a lot of ground in his storytelling. From his formative years growing up on the Gulf Coast where he learned the meaning of hard work, how to have a good time, and what matters most in life – on through to the present day where he’s putting those lessons to use following the dream that led him to Music City, Taylor finds a way not just to tell his own stories, but a bigger story that’s ours and hopefully your story too.